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Ginseng Instant Drink Mix 250g: CLASSIC FLAVOR

Ginseng Instant Drink Mix 250g: CLASSIC FLAVOR

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GINSANG® is the first and only proudly South African brand that brings Ginseng products, all-natural health beverages inspired by Italian coffee culture, from Italy to South Africa. Ginseng beverages are a low caffeine, hydrogenated fat free, gluten free, GMO free beverage, full of flavor and nutritional benefits*, and can be served as a hot beverage, cold beverage, or even used as an ingredient in confectionery or baking. 

Discover the soft and velvety ginseng beverages that are great for any time of the day. With its compelling taste, it is a great coffee alternative you can make at home or work.

General Ginseng Root information

The root plant that comes from Panax Quinquefolius (American ginseng) and East Asian Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) was used as a herbal medicine in Ancient cultures. The Ginseng root packs countless health benefits, which are known to boost your immune system, lower your blood sugar level, enhance mental performance and concentration, and improve your general wellbeing and mood. The best part is that it is all natural.

How to Use:

Simply add a scoop of GINSANG® to your favorite mug, add hot water and stir. 

For iced beverages, it's best to start with some warm water to dissolve the mix, then pour over ice and enjoy!

With its great flavor, it can also be used in baking.

Ginseng Classic Ingredients:

Sugar, glucose syrup, skimmed MILK powder, refined coconut oil, maltodextrine, soluble coffee (6.5%), MILK proteins, ginseng extract (1%), vegetable fibers, flavors, stabilizer: E340, emulsifier: E471, anti-caking agent: E551, thickener: E415, salt. 

*proportional to the percentage of the ginseng root content in the beverage.