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Ecklonia Cava Extract

Ecklonia Cava Extract

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A patented, super-antioxidant complex found in 100% organic Ecklonia cava brown ocean algae. It does something for everything. Research into Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC scores shows that Ecklonia Cava Extract has eight to over 200 times more antioxidant potential than other known antioxidants.


  • Cardiovascular health
  • Pain management
  • Glucose balance
  • Weight-loss
  • Hair-loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Allergies
  • Memory



Ecklonia Cava Extract makes its presence felt in multiple body sites and systems. It’s an all-over antioxidant complex.  


•    Better blood pressure. Angiotensin-converting enzyme, or ACE, is an enzyme that’s known to cause hypertension and blood vessel constriction. Ageing and vascular risk factors are known to up levels of ACE. But according to a 2006 study published in the Korean Journal Pharmacognosy, EC Extract can suppress this enzyme and so reduce blood pressure levels as effectively as certain ACE-inhibitor drugs.

•    Cuts blood clots. Plasmin is an enzyme that breaks down blood clots. Anti-plasmin is a protein that blocks plasmin’s action. Fortunately EC Extract has a natural anti anti-plasmin effect. That’s why it helps thin the blood and reduce clots.

•    Reversed atherosclerosis. In 2001 research performed in the Cardiology Division of Yonsei University in Korea, showed that, in heart disease patients with 50% narrowed coronary arteries, EC Extract can regenerate the lining and structure of blood vessels and reduce atherosclerosis.

•    Lower lipid levels. The same study also found the extract can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels while increasing good HDL cholesterol levels.

•    Less cardiovascular risk. The take-home message from the Yonsei University study was that just six weeks of EC Extract treatment for heart disease patients leads to better overall circulation and a “substantially reduced cardiovascular risk profile”. We like the sound of that.


•    In arthritis. In treating osteoarthritis, EC Extract has been shown to reduce pain and inhibit the inflammatory COX enzymes. In fact, in a 2006 study published in the Archives of Pharmacal Research, the extract was found to be as effective as certain COX-2 inhibitor pharmaceutical drugs. At least.

•    In fibromyalgia. An unpublished 2005 clinical study has found that EC Extract treatment can reduce fibromyalgia patients’ pain by as much as 30%. Plus it helps with other symptoms, leading to 71% more energy, 56% more sleep, an 80% improvement in sleep quality, and 39% better day-to-day functioning.


•    Better blood glucose levels. Its anti-inflammatory effect means EC Extract can also help to stabilise glucose levels and stimulate insulin sensitivity.

•    Diabetes support. Research from the College of Medicine at Korea’s Yonsei University has shown that EC Extract caused substantial drops in blood sugar levels in pre-diabetic women. Another study from the Department of Internal Medicine at Korea University showed that the extract effectively lowered fasting serum glucose in a group of early-phase diabetics.


•    More fat loss. Study subjects who drank an EC Extract drink for two weeks were found to lose weight, gain muscle and shed an average of 7% body fat. In another study with clinically obese patients the EC drink led to a 2.4kg weight loss and a 15% reduction in visceral fat.

•    More muscle gain. Because EC Extract reduces fat synthesis and storage, it helps your body use more energy. But it’s also thought to increase levels of human growth hormone, which makes muscle grow and body fat shrink.

•    Support for obesity. EC Extract naturally inhibits an enzyme involved in fat synthesis called DGAT for short. In fact 2004 research from the University of Washington has shown that it can inhibit this fat-manufacturer by 30 to 70%.


•    Prevents hair follicle death. Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 or MMP-9 is an enzyme that’s active in hair follicle destruction and hair loss. Good news for men (and some women) is that EC Extract is thought to down-regulate MMP-9 and so preserve follicles and fuller heads of hair.

•    Reduces blood pressure and balding. A surprising but strong connection has been made between hypertension and androgenetic (hereditary or male-pattern) hair loss. EC Extract has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Should help with the hair-loss too.


    •    Reduces allergic reactions. EC Extract has been shown to reduce allergic reactions and inflammation. In a University of Washington study it was found to significantly relieve symptoms in mice with allergen-induced asthma.

    •    Fewer side-effects. Even better, EC Extract can help manage allergies without the dizziness, drowsiness and other side effects seen with anti-histamine treatment.


    •    Better brain function. The antioxidants in EC Extract are fat-soluble and can cross the blood-brain barrier. Product research from 2006 has also shown that, once in the brain they help increase blood flow and alpha brain waves, which improves mental acuity and focus.

    •    Increased alertness. EC Extract has been shown to give professional drivers a 48% reduction in drowsiness while driving, and students an 11% drop in tiredness while studying.

    •    More memory. Acetylcholine, or Ach, is a neurotransmitter linked to memory and cognition. EC Extract can increase Ach by 40% and reduce the enzyme that breaks it down by 60% to 80%. Which will give you a better chance of remembering this fact.

    •    Neural protection. It also inhibits the formation of beta-amyloid precursor protein. This leads to fewer beta amyloid plaques being deposited in the brain and less resultant nerve death. In fact EC Extract has been found to have a similar beta-APP lowering effect to a known acetylcholinesterase inhibitor drug.

    •    In dementia. A study with mild to moderate dementia patients showed that eight weeks of EC Extract treatment led to better cognitive function and fewer or no symptoms in 80% of subjects.

    •    In Alzheimer’s. Early research at the Mirae Medical Institute in Korea assessed EC Extract treatment on 300 mild to moderate Alzheimer’s patients. The result: after three months, 60% of subjects showed enough improvement in memory and function to return to independent living.


    For maintenance, take 2 tablets daily (800mg Ecklonia Cava Extract). This can be increased to 2 tablets twice a day (1 600mg Extract), or up to a maximum dose of 3 tablets four times daily. Consult your health care practitioner.