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Mullein (Verbascum thapsis) Organic Dried Herbs

Mullein (Verbascum thapsis) Organic Dried Herbs

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50g Organic Dried Herbs

Mullein is well-know for assisting with coughs, colds and many other respiratory diseases. It is soothing to the mucus membranes and is used to break up congestion and stop coughing spams. It relaxes the bronchia, making it useful during asthma attacks. Mullein is said to have pain-killing and mild narcotic properties, calming the nerves and promoting relaxation, rest and recuperation. Being a powerful expectorant, Mullein creates a mucilaginous layer of protection on inflamed membranes, soothing and protecting them from further injury. It also stops the absorption of allergens in the mucus membranes, preventing allergy attacks and related discomfort. Mullein has an affinity for the lungs, ears and bladder. Soothes bronchial and urinary irritations and is useful for ear pain and bedwetting.


Verbascum thapsis.

Tinctures of this herb are available.

Internal Uses:


Cleaning Lungs

Sore throat, tonsolitis

Ear ache

Coughing and bronchitis




Allergies and hay fever

Bladder infections


Periodical facial neuralgia


Gastrointestinal bleeding

Lymph drainage and pain

External Uses:




Minor wounds and infections


Spiritual Uses:

Energetically Mullein summons energies of courage, love, and protection

Worn in an amulet or as a charm, it can ward off nightmares and negative energies

Mullein grows in an upward manner from the ground, which is similar to the way it works on the body.

It is also said to straighten the spine and lubricate the connective tissue.

When smoked it causes a more open feeling in the head and brain

When used as a component in a smoking blend, it cools down any harshness in the smoke


Avoid if you have high blood pressure or are on blood-thinning medication

Avoid if you have a strong pitta constitution or struggle with heat

Use with caution under supervision if pregnant 

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